eMotion: emotion recognition software

We have developed the digital emotion recognizer which is a computer software system able to automatically analyze in real-time the facial expressions of humans in digital videos. Based on the digital visual content, emotional categories are recognized (e.g., happy, surprise, sad, fear, anger, and disgust). The system is real-time and runs on a standard PC and webcam. Further, it is insensitive to illumination changes, head movements, partial occlusion of the face (e.g. by temporarily moving a hand in front of a face).

eMotion Software Now Integrates with Second Life

The new eMotion release embeds the Second Life linker; you can now animate the facial expression of your SL avatar in real-time! This new functionality allows users running the eMotion software to map their facial expressions to their avatar's facial animations. If you are interested in the technology, please contact Sightcorp.

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System Requirements

Screenshot and Video


Demonstration Video (AVI, CRAM codec, 12.8MB).

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